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Program for evaluation of Stirling cycle machines

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PROSA is a software for evaluation of either crank driven of free piston Stirling machines, which are applied as prime mover, cooling machine or heat pump. Different types of cylinder arrangements including the siemens configuration, heat exchangers, regenerators and working gases can be selected. Additionally, an optimization routine is implemented, in order to design Stirling machines with optimum performance.

The latest version PROSA 2.4 offers several new and additional features:
  • Module for automatic calibration of simulation results with respect to i.e. experimental data
  • New and improved function for regenerator temperature swing loss
PROSA is based on a second order model taking all major losses into account. The deviations of the calculated performance data using PROSA are in the range of 10% compared to experimental data, providing smaller uncertainties for crank driven machines than for free piston machines.

PROSA needs Windows95 (or higher) and it is designed for a resolution of 1024 x 768. There are no restrictions with regard to RAM, if modern PC's are used. PROSA is created as a user friendly software, in order to enable the user to become acquainted with the program after a short period of time. For that reason standard tools known from other Windows-applications are used.

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